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Intercoastal Capital Markets, Inc. – Anti-Money Laundering Policy Statement


Intercoastal Capital Markets, Inc. is committed to conducting its business and operations with the highest ethical standards and in full
conformity with the anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and statutes. Money Laundering is the process used to transform cash or
other funds generated from illegal activities into legitimate financial institutions or businesses to conceal the initial source of the funds
or to create assets that appear to come from legitimate sources. In addition, terrorist activities have added another dimension to
money laundering whereby funds (whether legally created or not) are used to fund illegal activities.

Intercoastal Capital Markets, Inc. is also committed to knowing its customers and potential customers. This commitment and
understanding is also necessary for Intercoastal Capital Markets, Inc. and all its employees to avoid criminal liability as a result of
customers using the resources of the institution for illicit purposes (i.e., money laundering and the funding of terrorist or criminal
activity). Therefore, it is the responsibility of all Intercoastal Capital Markets, Inc. employees to make all reasonable efforts to deter
money laundering activities and determine the true identity of its customers and to maintain a clear understanding of its customers’
financial needs and practices.

Intercoastal Capital Markets, Inc. has therefore developed and implemented written anti-money laundering policies, procedures,
internal controls and systems, which include but are not limited to the following: Establishment of an effective and reasonable customer
identification program (“CIP”) using documentary and non-documentary methods; Development and implementation of internal
policies, procedures, and controls designed to detect and deter money laundering and suspicious activities and report of such
transactions to appropriate parties/agencies as required; Designation of one or more qualified individuals responsible for implementing
and monitoring the day-to-day operations and internal controls of the program; Sharing information with other financial institutions;
Independent audit of AML program by an outside party; Ongoing AML training for appropriate Intercoastal Capital Markets, Inc.

Please contact Intercoastal Capital Markets Inc. at 561-939-8282 with any further questions regarding our Anti-Money Laundering


John Rogers
Chief Operating Officer
Intercoastal Capital Markets Inc.