Intercoastal Capital Markets Inc. (member FINRA, MSRB, SIPC), a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company Trifecta Group Holdings LLC, is a registered broker dealer engaged in the wholesale distribution of fixed income securities. Our mission is to offer the most efficient access of all fixed income asset classes to the Dealer, Advisor, and Institutional marketplace.

Why Intercoastal Capital Markets?

Diverse Distribution Platform – We have partnered with hundreds of dealer, institutional, and advisor clients, offering access to and liquidity with the largest fixed income trading desks in the United States.

Broad Range of Offerings – Transacting in both primary and secondary issues, Intercoastal offers a wide range of investment opportunities including mortgage backed securities, agencies, municipals, CD’s and corporate notes.

Experienced Staff – Intercoastal’s traders have roots in the wholesale and institutional side of the fixed income business and possess decades of combined experience within the industry. Our Sales and Operations staff are professional, knowledgeable and energetic and understand the importance of earning our clients trust and confidence.

Technology & Resources – Intercoastal maintains access to the leading platforms and systems to ensure timely and accurate transaction executions, the best possible liquidity, up to the minute depth of market and portfolio analysis and strategic commentary and news for our clients.

Stability and Integrity – Combining a diverse inventory, strong relationships, stable market capitalization and ethical and experienced principals gives Intercoastal an unbeatable mix that fosters responsible growth and unparalleled strength.